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Riding in style in Nepal!Call For Submissions: "So There I Was..." Many of our favorite stories begin with this classic line, then take us on adventures we could never imagine. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, and with the best stories, we confront something relevant to our lives and grow just a little. We're now accepting submissions for a new essay collection tentatively titled, "So there I was…" Click here to learn more about what we're looking for, and how you can submit.

The Old Publishing Business Model Went Kablooey!f/64 Publishing is now seeking creative nonfiction manuscripts for our 2017 collection. Check out the submission guidelines for more information on what we're after.

Death of the physical book? Hardly! Life, art, and publishing are what you make of them, and now is an excellent time to try something new--like working with some great authors, many of whom have been rejected by those publishers that are currently being rejected by the markets. Take that, slush pile!

f/64 Publishing -- Writing...in Focus!